Elmaco carries out installation of prefabricated offices and industrial buildings of LMC. Employees of the company have extensive experience in order to build hangar or warehouse predetermined configuration in the shortest term.


Elmaco offers its customers not only high-quality block-modules of its own production and built on their basis modular spaces for organization of the office or residential premises, but also prefabricated metal warehouses and hangars, as well as other industrial objects built using the prefabricated metal structures.

Elmaco carries out installation and dismantling of prefabricated industrial buildings. Employees of the company can in the shortest terms build prefabricated metal hangars, or prefabricated metal warehouses.

Despite the high speed of construction, all buildings erected by Elmaco, comply with all regulations and technical specifications. Prefabricated hangar will be the most reliable and protected against humidity and temperature changes. Elmaco proposes to construct prefabricated warehouses by standard drawings or develop an individual project of industrial building according to the needs of the customer.

Construction of industrial buildings requires careful preliminary work and high qualification of employees which are engaged in the installation. All Elmaco employees are experienced professionals and constantly improve their skills, pass special trainings.

Using in each project standard metal solutions, adapted to the needs of our customers, Elmaco achieves high speed of erection of metal industrial buildings and warehouses with consistently high quality of installation work.

Elmaco designs prefabricated metal building, install structures, establish all the necessary engineering systems. Our customer will receive a fully finished building (pre-fabricated hangar, warehouse or other industrial facilities) suitable for immediate use.

Typical sizes of single or multispan building:

To clarify technical characteristics of prefabricated metal buildings and possibilities of their use for your project, please contact with our specialist.