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Elmaco offers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia prefabricated modular buildings with modern technical characteristics. Our production of modular buildings of high-quality block containers is located in St. Petersburg and produces in Russia prefabricated buildings at a competitive price.

Modular buildings Elmaco

Modular prefabricated buildings made on an individual project are residential or office buildings based on Elmaco branded modules, fully adapted to unique climatic conditions of operation in certain regions of the Russian Federation, finished inside and outside with modern ecological and wear-resistant materials.

Elmaco company engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of modular buildings, which:

Modular construction - this is the minimum terms of manufacturing and installation, the possibility of moving the building to a new location, full compliance with technical and aesthetic requirements of customer, the lack of complicated approvals with the controlling state authorities (the possibility of classification as a temporary structure).

Elmaco produces in Russia modular buildings "turnkey" of several classes of construct and finishing: Basic, Comfort, Business and Premium. Such buildings are suitable for the placement of residential, administrative, service, technical, medical and educational facilities.

Each variant of the construct of a modular building Elmaco conforms to the generally accepted in Russia SNiP and TU, sanitary and hygienic and fire requirements, and is also accompanied by a package of engineering and construction documentation  at delivery. 

The cost of prefabricated modular buildings Elmaco

Designers of Elmaco annually bring innovation in the construct of brand modular buildings and work to improve manufacturing processes and reduce their production costs. Modern technologies of manufacturing and installation of modular buildings are maximal economical. Elmaco block modules are made of special materials, and assembly of modular structures and their docking at the object using the Move-up & Click technology is performed quickly and without the use of heavy construction equipment. At the same time, effective European technologies and firm know-how are used, which make it possible to install a modular building of any structural complexity in the shortest possible time.

The price of Elmaco modular buildings is calculated individually for each client and depends on the size, the selected finishing materials, the amount of glazing, the height of the ceilings, the type of insulation used and other factors affecting the cost of production of block modules. For an accurate calculation of the cost of the order for a new customer, we always start with a detailed design. From our experience, on average, the cost of 1m2 of Elmaco office modular building with delivery of the structure to place and installation will cost from 35 thousand rubles. Depending on the architecture of modular building, its technical content, the level of execution (Basic, Comfort, Business or Premium), used design finishing materials and sanitaryware, the availability of complex engineering systems, the cost of a modern modular building can reach up to 120 thousand rubles per square meter or more.

The exact cost of Elmaco modular building is determined at the end of the designing in accordance with the customer's technical specification. Clarify the approximate cost of the prefabricated building made of block containers can be in the commercial department of the company. We will try to answer your questions as closely as possible.