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Mobile dormitories from Elmaco - dormitory at the construction site

Mobile dormitories from Elmaco - dormitory at the construction site

The company offers modular buildings for various purposes. Structures on the basis of block modules can be used as office buildings, security posts, warehouses, shops, administrative and living complex, and just as mobile dormitories.

Mobile dormitories can be demanded on construction sites, where workers often have to be not only by day but also at night. Modular buildings are comfortable and easy to use: they are equipped with the necessary engineering systems, protected from the wind and cold. Using a block-containers as temporary buildings, you provide your employees comfortable working conditions.

Elmaco manufactures prefabricated modular dormitories container type, designed for different climatic zones, including those with severe operating conditions and is ready to quickly build a comfortable office space, even in the northern regions. We help our customers to quickly start a business in a new location, providing them with high quality modern office space of any size in a short time.

Our company is very attentive to customer requirements, and offers high quality services.