Prefabricated buildings are collected right at the construction site from metal constructions, made in production, which can be individual or serial production.

The main advantage of such technology of construction of office, commercial and storage buildings - the absence of the so-called "wet" processes. The walls and roof of the building are installed bolted or welded, that allows to conduct the construction at any time of the year.


At the Russian market there are hundreds of manufacturers of complete sets of metal structures for pre-fabricated buildings. To be oriented in such variety of proposals, experience is required.

Elmaco over the years on the market of pre-fabricated buildings acquired sufficient experience to professionally consult the customer in choosing the appropriate model and building structure of metal frame, to make its design together with the manufacturer, and to carry out installation of the building at the construction site.

Installation of metal structures is not a complete construction of prefabricated buildings. Elmaco takes over itself the entire construction cycle, from manufacturing of foundation and ground works to equipping of the building with all engineering systems, landscaping area, if the customer gets the building "turnkey".

Buildings from light metal constructions have several advantages over the structures built using traditional concrete and brick. For example, installation time of the building of LMC is about two times less than the construction of the same building according to traditional method. With such technology the financial costs are reduced by 30-35% due to a decrease in construction costs. Add that with the use of LMC is possible to create more complex architectural design.

Many years of successful experience of Elmaco in Russia allows our customers to complete any investment projects in the shortest terms in compliance with established financial budgets.