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Buildings for shift camps

Buildings for shift camps

Shift method - a special form of the labor process outside the place of residence of workers when it can not be assured of their daily return to the place of permanent residence. As a rule, shift camps needed during long-term work on large construction sites, research or geological exploration objects scattered throughout our country, where there is a need to place people who will be involved at such distant objects.

For work by shift method are shift camps. Shift camp - is the infrastructure, which consists of separate buildings, located in a common area and designed to provide residing of people in comfort for the duration of the works. Company Elmaco proposes to make shift camps more comfortable, create convenient and pleasant working environment for your employees. ELMACO produces and sells metal block containers that can be used as stand-alone buildings, and from which you can build complex modular buildings.

Shift camp, created from block containers - a significant cost savings for the customer and a comfortable living and working conditions for employees. With block-containers can be created shift camp with any buildings: dining halls, recreation rooms, showers, sleeping rooms, office buildings, etc. Camps will be equipped with engineering systems: sewerage, water, electricity. Built of containers shift camps - a rational solution for businesses geological exploration, oil and gas and other industries, the performance of work which is carried out away from the permanent residence of employees.

Depending on the fullness of a modular building for camps by engineering systems, the degree of prefabrication block containers supplied for its construction can be varied within 80-100%. It is obvious that buildings for camps, which constructed with use of block-modules of full operational readiness, will be installed in the shortest time.

ELMACO save your time and quickly produce the assembly