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Production of metal cabins

The metal cabins (block containers) are ideal for the construction of administrative and residential buildings. The advantages of using of metal huts have been long appreciated by construction companies. The metal cabins can be used to accommodate the construction workers, the administration offices of the construction company, a medical center, a shower, a dining room. In general, block container can be converted into a building for any purpose.

Elmaco offers block containers of standard or individual configuration. Prefabricated modular buildings are often built of block containers of standard production because customers are limited in time. For the construction of modular buildings are commonly used metal cabins by individual projects. Components of cabins depend on the destination of the building.

Feature of the metallic huts are high operational characteristics and mobility. Production of metal huts is made so as to make block container can withstand all kinds of weather, from hot summers to cold winters. Mobility of huts is characterized by ease of transportation and the ability to add new blocks or remove old.

Elmaco produces and sells block containers of standard or individual configuration. Together with the customer will choose the most appropriate configuration of metal huts and develop projects of future building. Elmaco will produce transportation of block containers, assembly/disassembly of the building and carry out the necessary communications.